Friday, May 29, 2009

Birdhouse fun!

My parents got us this COOL birdhouse for attaches to your window and has a clear plexiglass cover on the back where you can 'view' the bird's nest from inside your house! We put it up back in April and the kids peeked inside every day for a while and then forgot about it. We were not sure if a bird would find it or want to build in it, so we started to give up hope. Yesterday I was out back planting some flowers and a bird flew right [VERY close] by me and up to the birdhouse! I looked and saw some twigs sticking out of the little circle on the front of the birdhouse, so I ran inside and peeked in...inside was a nice nest made out of twigs! Last week we found a nice bird nest on the ground and we sat it up on the porch to 'study' it. It was made out of moss, grass, and cotton. Tonight I saw the bird taking some of the cotton [off the old nest] and bringing it into her new little house! The kids are so excited! We are reading The Burgess Bird Book for Children and one chapter details nest building, so this is definitely enhancing our study! Thanks, Mimi & Papa for the super, fun Christmas present! We love it and so do the birds!
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