Friday, June 26, 2009

Day Camp Summer 2009!

This past week the big kids, Katelyn & Cason, went to a local church's day camp. It was Monday-Thursday from 8-5! & Friday, 8-Noon! They left the church each morning and went out to the lake (about 15 minutes from the church) where they had a blast! They did all kinds of fun things from archery to fishing to tubing! And learned a lot about the Lord, while surrounded by His beautiful nature! That's what I love about better place to 'meet God' than out in His big, beautiful backyard. From all the fun stories [and songs] we heard each night, I think it was clear that they had a GREAT week, but they are worn out! Last night was 'family night' and they had a huge cook-out at the lake, so we got to go see where they have been all week. They broke into their small groups and passed out awards. Katelyn was given the 'Heart of Christ' award because of her attitude, smile, and willingness to help in every situation. Cason was given the 'Magnetic Friend' award because, according to his camp counselor, "Cason came to camp with one special friend [Jase], then as the week went on he began to 'let go' and make lots of new friends! He was always cheering for his friends on the stage." The lake lot was an amazing place! A church member owns it and they allow the church to use it each minister to kids. Wow! What a blessing! Carrie & Chloe missed the big kids a lot, but it was fun to spend time with the little girls...I don't think I have ever had them all alone like that...they kept me very busy! I do not realize how much the big kids [especially Katelyn] help me with the little ones, until they are not here. I had big plans to get the classroom organized, cleaned, and ready for the new school year, but I did not get it all finished. That's okay...we all had a fun week! Here are some pics from there week:

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