Monday, February 10, 2014

Making it Ours!

Spring brought warm weather and color to our land. Beautiful little shoots of green grass, native plants, little violet flowers, and tiny buds were everywhere. It was so exciting to see the landscape change with the new season.  It was a gorgeous slice of God's creation and it was time to make it ours, so we decided to build a rustic pavilion to picnic under. The previous owners had poured a concrete slab to place the metal buildings, so it was a perfect place to build the pavilion.

This picture shows where the metal buildings had been. It was at the base of the hill,  perfect spot for a pavilion. Hubby and Cason found the perfect sized trees to make the post, while the rest of us picked up rocks. The rocks were used to fill the cages, that stabilized the base of each post. Our land has an abundant source of native rock! LOTS & LOTS of rocks! This is Ozark country...where Laura Ingalls Wilder named her farm 'Rocky Ridge'. That name makes complete sense to me now! ;)

Here's the pavilion being built:

Why can I not find a picture of our finished pavilion? I must have one. It has been a wonderful addition and we have used it many times over the last three years! If I do not find a pic, I'll take one soon. We also parked our RV on the concrete slab, where the house had been, and hooked it up to the electricity and sewer that was already in place. Having a restroom and a place to camp has been great!

More adventure coming soon!