Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Look Mom, the turtle can swim!"

Yesterday, Greg & Cason went on a long hike and Cason found a turtle. He brought it home to show his sisters, which I thought was quite kind of him. Greg said that Cason spotted the turtle in the woods, grabbed it, and carried it about a mile back to the truck! Katelyn & Carrie loved the surprise and thought it was a super cool turtle. Katelyn quickly laid out the plans for a 'turtle habitat' and they all got to work creating the habitat. They put dirt, grass, water, & sticks in the play pool and Myrtle (of course they named it!) slept there all night. This morning they cleaned out the pool and let Myrtle have a swim. I was in the house when Carrie ran in and yelled, "Mommy, hurry you gotta see this!!" I grabbed my camera and went to see what all the excitement was about..."Look, Mom the turtle can swim"! So fun! These are the things I would miss if my kids were in school! So happy they are home...learning, playing, and being kids!

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