Monday, June 2, 2014

2014 Mountain Bike Race Season~ Kick-off!

Ready to watch siblings race! 
Our family bikes~ it's our sport! Yesterday kicked-off our 5th race season! We love that this is a true family sport...we all bike and our bigs race.  Hobbs State Park~ 'Battle for Townsend Ridge' is the first race of the season and it's always a great, fun day. Yesterday was no different, the weather was perfect and we got to see lots of friends that we've missed over the very LONG winter!
Carrie is ready! 
Cason is ready! 
Carrie is 9 and this is her second year to race. She was AR State Champ in 10 & under last year. She took 1st place yesterday. Cason is 12 and he took 2nd in state last year. He raced up to the Cat 3 Male 13-14 class and had some tough competition. This year will be extra tough! 12 riders started in his class [13-14]  yesterday and the top two riders are looking strong! The kid that won it whispered in Cason's ear right before the start, "I'm going to beat you this year." Cason smiled and nicely replied, "We'll see." That kid took 3rd in state last year, behind Cason so I think he's seeking [friendly] revenge! They are friends and it's all in fun! Cason took 5th yesterday and he said he wanted to train-up and catch the top two next race! Katelyn is 15 and she also took 2nd in state last year. She, too, raced up to the Cat 3 Female 19-39 class. She took 5th yesterday and was disappointed. She's been extra busy with school and her NC trip to Tennessee, so she said she is ready to train and take 1st this year! I'm proud of them for having a 'wanna get better attitude' and not a 'I quit' attitude. I think it will be another great year for Team Pool!

At the start line...ready for take-off! 

Carrie takes 1st!