Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wow, Wee! I like Wee~Books!

Do you love E-Books (electronic books)? I do…they are easy to read [I like to print a few pages at a time], easy to store, and immediately downloadable [no shipping fees and no waiting on the mail]! TOS Magazine’s Schoolhouse Store has a HUGE selection of E-Books in every {homeschool} category, from Art to Foreign Language! And an E-Freebie each month…I do love FREE stuff!

They also have itty, bitty E-book at a an itty, bitty price [$1.95!] with a LARGE amount of information! And you’ll love the large selection, too! Check it out here.

This week I read three awesome Wee-Books! The first was an incredible book that reaffirmed my decision to keep my kids home! It is titled, 10 Big Reasons Not to Send Christian Kids to Public School [by David d’Escoto] and it outlines the main reasons why Christian parents should not send their children to secular-humanistic public schools. His facts are well documented and backed with alarming statistics.

Okay, here are The Big 10 reasons [with a short summary of each]:

1. A Cookie Cutter Approach: This approach does not nurture the child’s individual gifts, talents, future calling, & learning needs.

2. Anemic Academics: Can you believe we pay $9000/ per student/ per year?!? When year after year, our literacy rates continue to decline and overall academic standards are lower than they have ever been!

3. Misplaced Authority: Parents have no say in how or what their children are learning...scary!

4. Family Fragmentation: With the average child spending 1,000 hours a year in school...families are not as close as God designed them to be and peer relationships take over.

5. Peer Dependency: 180 days a year, 5 days a week, 7 hours a day with 25-30 other kids the same age…remember “a companion of fools”? (Proverbs 13:20b).

6. Bad Company: Schools (even ‘good’ schools) are rampant with poor attitudes, low self-esteem, hostility toward teachers, vandalism, bullying, drug use, gun threats, fear, and chaos…need I say more? *Side note: I was in a public school recently and posted on all the doors, in the halls, and in the bathrooms were signs that outlined the school’s ‘No Bullying Policy’…did that really cut down on the bullying? Come on…how many bully’s really stop to read those signs ~what a joke!

7. Propagating Promiscuity: Roughly one-quarter of the nation’s sexually active teens have been infected by a sexually transmitted disease and according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, 8,000 teenagers in the United States become infected by a sexually transmitted disease EVERY day! The public schools answer? Free condoms!.. [our government Spends $12 on Safe Sex and Contraceptives for Every $1 Spent on Abstinence]!

8. Bye-Bye Bible: The bible has been successively removed and now many schools are down right hostile toward Christianity.

9. Perishing Generation: 80% of children from Christian homes are walking away from the Church by the time they reach college age and this is greatly due to the the intensive secular-humanistic indoctrination occurring in the public schools.

And #10…did you really think I was going to give you all 10? Nope, sorry…you’ll have to read the book! Buy it and keep it...this is a great book that will encourage your commitment, if you do homeschool [and give you a ready answer as to WHY? you homeshool!].

Also, if you do not homeschool, but God has laid the idea on your heart, this book will challenge you to bring your kids home [where they belong]!

It is a very easy read (8 pages) full of well-documented statements, facts, & stats! The author [David d’Escoto] is a homeschool dad. He and his wife, Kim, have homeschooled their five children for over ten years. Enjoy!

Tomorrow’s Wee-Book review is on a topic that is special to my heart…preschoolers (I have 2 in my home!). The book is titled: Are Parents Really Necessary? A Guide to Preschool Education. Another great, 'eye-opening' book!


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