Thursday, May 21, 2009

Racin' Cason...My derby day champ!

Last Sunday night was the RA [Royal Ambassadors] derby car race at our church. Guess who took #1 in his heat and 4th place overall (with 20+ cars entered)...this guy:

It was fun to see him SO excited! And I think Greg was just as excited! The dads seemed more competitive than the boys ~ha! Cason was the only Lad [1st-3rd grade] in the top 4, the other 3 boys were Crusadors [4th-6th grade] and this was his first year to enter! When I was tucking him in that night he said, "Mommy this was a great day. Will I ever get to derby race again?" Yes, have 5 more years in RA's!

What a fun day! Here are some more fun pics from the event:

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