Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day...

How was your Mother's Day? I hope it was just perfect...mine was fabulous! I spent it here...

doing one of my favorite things...camping!

Greg was in a mountain bike race [Syllamo's Revenge] last Saturday, so we loaded up the RV, the bikes, and the kiddos and headed to Mountain View, AR! It was absolutely wonderful! We left Thursday afternoon and although the trip was much farther than expected [we got to the campsite at 11pm!] it was a nice drive and we were happy to wake up to the sounds and smells of nature!

I love, love, love to camp! Especially now that we have an RV...so easy to 'GO'! We camped for years in a tent and then in the spring of 2007, we got our RV. We found it on Houston's craigslist, paid cash, and got a GREAT deal! It's an older model [Jayco 1996], but it had only one previous owner, who was VERY meticulous, and kept the RV in excellent condition! It's big and roomy with bunk beds in the back and a queen bed upfront, but we are quickly outgrowing it! Our plan is to 'upgrade' to one that has double bunks in the back [for all four kids] next spring. Chloe is still sleeping in her 'travel-lite' pack-n-play, which fits in the RV perfectly, but she will be ready for a real bed by next year. She loves camping, too!

This was a very nice campground right on the Buffalo River, so we got to fish...Cason LOVES to fish! The water was still very cold...icy cold, but that did not keep Cason from getting in the water! I dipped a toe in and said, "no way!"...too cold for me!

We stayed through Sunday and had such a nice time. Greg's Uncle Tyler & Aunt Rikki came up from Texas! Uncle Tyler races, too. Aunt Rikki gave art lessons to the kids on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. She's an art teacher and the kids LOVE doing art with her! She is a fun, sweet Aunt! Here they are water coloring...

Saturday night it rained hard and the wind was strong...Greg and I woke at 2am and thought the RV was going to blow away! Now that we live in 'tornado ally' it's frightening when you hear wind that strong, especially when you are in a metal box~ha! The kids slept through it all, except for Chloe...she woke up when Greg went out to put up the awning. We were up about an hour, which made it all the more difficult to get up EARLY to see the racers off at 7am, but we made it and the rain did not stop the race...it turned out to be a beautiful day! Greg said the trails were torn-up and extremely muddy, but they had a fun ride. Mountain bikers love mud~ha. This is Greg's 2nd year to do this race. Here are the kids at the start of the race [last year, 2008]...it was VERY cold that morning!

Yes...Chloe was there...all bundled up. She was excited to see Daddy race, too. She was 6-months-old.

Now here's the crew this year...much warmer weather!

Here are the 'race boys'...check out that mud!

It was a fun, perfect weekend!

Oh...almost forgot to mention my Mother's Day presents. Katelyn bought me some nice, organic lotion and a homemade eraser from the Homemade shop in F'ville. She bought it with her own money and it was SO sweet!

Also, I've been hinting [to everyone] that I would like to have an embroidery machine and I got it! Yipppppeeeee! Here's a pic...It's the Brother Sew/Embroidery machine from Walmart! I did my research and for a great 'starter' machine at a reasonable price...it can't be beat. The reviews on this machine, on walmart.com, are near perfect, so I think it will be super! Now if I can just find the time to get it set up...I'm making a 'sewing nook' in Greg's office. He will be surprised and delighted ~hee. I bought some fabric and it is in the wash now...so I'll be ready to start my first project. I'll post when I get started. Here's the pic...the kids hid the machine under a blanket and I had to guess what it was, I guessed a hamster in a cage (due to the size and shape of the box). They thought that was hilarious.

Have a blessed weekend!
JOYful, Kristi

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