Tuesday, May 5, 2009

E-Book Review...Homework

This week I had the opportunity to review TOS newest E-Book, Homework [Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing Your Balance]. I must admit that when I first saw the title I was thinking this book would be of little use to me, due to the fact that I do not have a home-based business...boy was I wrong!

Yes, the book is focused toward those that have a home-based business or those that desire to have a ‘work-from-home’ situation, but it is truly a book for all homeschoolers that have a desire to make their homeschools run smoothly! For those that do have a home-based business: it is full of tips, encouragement, and advice to help you run your business better. For those that want to start a home-based business [many moms feel the pressure to supplement the family income, but have no idea how to get started!]: it will give you ideas and inspiration to set up your business [it outlines specific details and mechanics of how to run a successful business] and ways to explore what would work best for your family [LOTS of ideas from sewing to pet-sitting, to writing!]. And for those, like myself, that need help in the areas of home organization, prioritization, and time management…this book is for you, as well!

Would you like to ‘peek’ into the homes of 16 REAL-life homeschoolers and see how they manage their homes (work, chores, school, etc…)? Well, this book gives you the opportunity to do just that, and it will leave you encouraged, inspired, and feeling ‘normal’! I’m convinced that Satan [the father of lies!] wants us to think that we do it all wrong and there is only one right way to homeschool! That is absolutely not true and this wonderful collection of stories proves that every home is different [unique & special!] and God works in and through our unique circumstances to accomplish His will! Get ready to be motivated and encouraged as you read story after story of God’s direction, guidance, and faithfulness…and you might even pick up a new trick or two to help your home run smoothly. One of my favorite tips, that I plan to implement right away, is a scheduled “de-clutter day”…sounds good, huh? It is just one of many useful ideas you will gain from reading this super book!

Overall, I absolutely loved Homework…all 92 pages! It is packed full of practical tips, internet resources, real-life stories, encouragement, and inspiration! The common thread, woven through out the book is the fact that God provides! For me, each story was a needed reminder that God makes our paths straight as we look to Him and trust Him for ALL of our needs! The book has motivated me to start writing again [a long held desire and passion that I thought was impossible with my crew of 4!] and I look forward to where God leads as I follow.

Ready to get inspired? Click here to order Homework and start reading it today! Enjoy!


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