Friday, February 27, 2009

I made Petite Fours!

Our friends, Michelle & Jason, are adopting a little boy from Russia and our Sunday school class had an 'adoption shower' for Michelle a few weeks ago. I sign-ed up to bring something sweet and thought petite fours would be fun and yummy! Then I had a crazy idea to make my own! No, I've never made them before, but I love them and I have paid up to $2 a piece for them! So, I googled 'how to make easy petite fours' and found a blog that lined it out step-by-step with pictures! It looked simple enough, so I headed to Walmart and bought my supplies. The key is to freeze the sheet cake for at least 12 hours, so I followed the directions to a tee and mine turned out delicious and cute! The older kids were at Treehouse that day, so my kitchen helper was Chloe...she helped by tasting everything! I used icing tint to color my icing brown & teal [the shower colors] and decorated the little cakes with bows, lines, & dots...cute! Everyone at the baby shower loved them! It was fun to make my own...give it a try!
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Funny Carrie!

Today Carrie came running with a piece of chocolate drizzled popcorn [yes, it is as good as it sounds!] and she said, "Look Mommy a panda bear playing a guitar...I'm going to sell it on ebay for $5000". She is SO funny!~ A few weeks ago Katelyn came home from church and told us that her friend had told her that you could sell food on ebay for thousands of dollars IF it looked like an animal, so now the kids search hard for animals in everything...cheetios, popcorn, cereal, has been quite an ordeal around here ~ha! Oh Lord, I love these kids! So thankful.
Joyful, Kristi

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Okay, I found this pretty, pre-lit tree last summer and I could not wait to get it out for Christmas! It's a 6' 'skinny' tree that sits in a neat black urn...matches my house perfectly! I decorated it with fruit, ribbon, and crosses for was great. So, after Christmas when it was time to take it down and store it I got a little sad. Then Kate had a SUPER idea! She suggested that we have a 'holiday' tree! Yippppeeee! We went to Hobby Lobby on Friday and bought the cutest felt hearts [hot pink, aqua & lime green] and lime green ribbon with hearts on it. We came home and decorated our little tree for Valentine's Day! Is that too cute or what!?! Greg thinks I am crazy ~hee! With four girls in the house...he's puts up with a lot!