Sunday, February 21, 2010

Math Mammoth ~TOS Review

What is Math Mammoth? A LARGE {mammoth} collection of Math resources! They offer a complete collection of supplemental math options for grades 1-12 and complete math curriculum for grades 1-5, all at incredible prices and an easy, instant download format!

The really cool thing about Math Mammoth is ALL the options! The program includes 4 different series:

  • Blue ~ grades 1-5; concentrates on a few topics only {clock, fractions, geometry}.
  • Light Blue ~grades 1-5; complete, self-teaching *mastery-oriented* curriculum.
  • Golden ~grades 3-8; problems only {organized by grade}, for reinforcement or practice.
  • Green ~ grades 3-7; problems only {organized by topic}, for reinforcement or practice.

For this review, I received the Light Blue {grade 4 } complete curriculum [$29.70]. The complete set includes Part A & Part B, 156 Lessons to each part...super value! I placed my daughter according to the placement guide on the website. We have always used Singapore Math and it is heavy on word problems...a true 'mental math' program. I was happy to find that this program is as well! I was impressed with the fact that it requires a lot of thinking on the child's part.

I really like the fact that Math Mammoth Light Blue Series is a textbook/workbook combined. Each new concept is explained in the worksheets, so no teacher manual is needed. The beginning of each new chapter has some general 'helps' for the parent/teacher. I like this format, because it was easy for me to 'jog' my memory on some of the concepts...with them right there on each page. I'm able to place a new sheet in Katelyn's workbox each day and she works on it independently! Everything she needs is right there on the sheet.

I'm going to order some Golden Series worksheets to use for extra practice & review. At $12.50 a grade level...what a deal! I'm loving this site...the options are endless and the value is incredible! Go HERE to download 280 FREE worksheets and check-out all the good stuff!

And if you have a question about a certain series, you can read more reviews HERE. Each crew member reviewed a different series...lots of wonderful reviews to meet your needs! EnJOY!

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