Friday, February 12, 2010

Dentist Anxiety...Real fear?

This week I had to have a root canal. It was my first and I was absolutely terrified! It's funny how people like to share their root canal stories, much like a birth story...almost always a horror story! With the exception of two friends [one being my mom], I heard a lot of scary scenarios. My appointment was late in the day, 4pm, which was sheer torture because I spent my day worrying/praying/worrying/praying/ the time I actually made it to the dental office I felt sick! I sat in the dentist chair and began to fill like the walls were closing in on me. When my dentist entered the room and asked how I was, I quickly let him know that I was not happy to see him! He said, "I get that a lot".

I was given a local numbing medicine and I began to pray [again]. God put Kate on my mind. She's a little girl with brain cancer. I've followed her progress from the beginning, 7 months ago. I thought about how fearful I was, a grown woman, of such a simple, easy procedure. Kate is 6-years-old and she is facing SO many hard, difficult procedures. Tears began to fill my eyes as I realized that fear was an everyday feeling for that precious little much to be afraid of on a daily basis. As I prayed for Kate, my fears melted away. I just needed to refocus! As the dentist began to give me 'THE shots' I did not feel it and the whole procedure went amazingly well!

I share my root canal story to encourage's not bad at all! My best advice is to pray & not worry! To help you not worrry, pray for others, it takes the focus off yourself. Speaking of praying for others, please visit Kate's site and pray for her and her family, they are facing some difficult procedures over the next few weeks...reason for REAL fear. They need and cherish our prayers.

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