Monday, June 29, 2009

My FIRST TOS Crew Review! ~ Let's Plan!

By nature, I am NOT a planner! I'm a very laid-back, 'go with the flow' type person, but homeschooling requires planning! And the Lord has graciously helped me grow in this area. Each year [this will be my 6th year to homeschool] He leads me to great resources that help me tremendously! This year is no different, as I began to pray about the 2009-2010 school year, I once again asked the Lord for help in the area of's time to 'tweak' my routine/schedule and plan out the year. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw my first review assignment... The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner! Wow, wow, wow...this is one huge planner! Every page [all 374 of them!] will help you become a well-organized home/school fluff here!

The planner truly has it all...from 'Must Know' lists (Common Latin and Greek Roots, Cloud Types, Letter Writing Tips, & much more) to every form for home & school that you can imagine [almost 200 of them!] to Alphabet Writing Charts & Preschool Planning...this is a 'one stop' organization spot! The layout is very user-friendly! The E-Book format allows you instantly download it to your computer and print pages as needed [I created a desktop shortcut, so it is easy to find!]. AND it is an interactive pdf file!! ~ that means you are able to type in the pdf file, *personalize* your forms and save your information...yippee!

I especially like the first part of the is divided into 12 months [July 2009-June 2010] and each month has it's own 'month at a glance' view that includes 2 FULL pages with nice, large daily boxes for writing in assignments, appointments, etc.... And each month has a special 'mini-lesson' that allows you to explore new information with your children. Each topic is covered through a detailed article written by a well-known, well-loved homeschool author, like
Michelle Miller [Truthquest History], Amanda Bennett[], Karen Mohs [Greek ‘n’ Stuff], Tammy Duby [Tobin’s Lab Hands-On Science For Families], & Terri Johnson [Knowledge Quest], to name a few.

In addition to the mini-lessons, each month has a page titled 'The Schoolhouse Store Resource' that has live links for products that correspond with that month’s topic. It's a great way to check out all that the Schoolhouse Store has to offer! Each month concludes with 2 wonderful, easy recipes, 24 in all, from REAL~life homeshool mommas!

Can you tell I'm excited!? My plan is to create one monstrous 'Home/School Organization Notebook'! I will personalize and print ALL the pages needed (from the planner): the calendar pages (both the 'month at a glance' & 'week at a glance'), mini-lessons, 'Must Know' pages, recipes, useful homeschool forms [Annual Plans, Yearly Goals, 12-Year Planning Pages, Daily Schedules, Weekly Schedules, Bible Memorization Record, Memory Work Record, Books Read This Year, Field Trip Log, Extracurricular Activities Log, Nature Journal Pages, Science Lab Sheet] and useful household forms [Important Phone Numbers & Contacts, Information for Babysitter, Monthly Homekeeping Reminders, Homekeeping Weekly Schedule, Grocery List, Weekly Menu Planner, Weekly Menu Planner, Food Inventory Log, Chore Charts, Dates to Remember] and organize them using a 3-ring binder and some month tabs. Yes, ALL of those forms are included in the Planner...and many more! My notebook will be BIG and I will be organized...ready for my best year ever! Want to join me?
Get your 2009 Planner TODAY!

The price is $39.00 ~a small price for peace! +If you order between June 11, 2009 and July 12th, 2009 you will receive the 2008 planner excerpts FREE!

And check out the 'Monthly Modules'...a supplement to the Planner. You can get the Planner and Planner Module Membership for $99.99! When you sign up for Module Membership, you'll receive supplemental monthly modules packed with great ideas and information [& lapbooking activities!]. You can also purchase the Modules separately.

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EnJOY, Kristi

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