Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Mint ~TOS Review


Family Mint is a *FREE* online money management tool, where the parents hold the money and act as the banker. You do not actually put money in an on-line bank, you are simply using an on-line tool to keep track of your child’s money and to teach them financial wisdom.


It is fast & easy to set up each child's 'bank'. They are then able to track their money and set goals for saving, spending, & giving. It is a simple tool that teaches money management.

Main features of this program allow your children to see on screen:

  • Automated Allowance
  • Automated Interest
  • Matching Deposits
  • Transactions
  • Goals
  • Children can personalize their goals with custom pictures
What I love about this online tool?'s FREE, easy, & effective! Go HERE to sign-up and get started.


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