Monday, May 24, 2010

Critical Thinking Co. ~TOS Review

Critical Thinking Co. is known for their award winning products that sharpen the mind and create real thinkers! Recently they sent me a copy of Language Smarts, Level C ($39.99). This is a language arts product targeted for grade 2 [it also introduces several skills and concepts normally taught in third grade]. It is a HUGE book (320 colorful pages!) that teaches language arts concepts and skills including vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, reading and writing skills. And it does so with a variety of fun activities.

This book can serve as a core curriculum for language arts or as a supplemental resource. We are using it as a core curriculum, 3 lessons a week, and I will stretch it through this coming year. I like that the lessons are short (10-15 minutes) my 8-yr.-old is able to work independently...I get him started and he 'thinks' his way through each lesson. You can check here to see what is covered at this level and check here for samples. Also, you can choose another level here. Overall, we ♥ this product! EnJOY!

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