Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Virginia Soaps & Scents ~TOS Crew Review


I'm enjoying my year on the TOS Crew...I never know what will show up in my mailbox. A few weeks ago I received a package with wonderful soaps in it! I love yummy smelling, homemade soaps, so this truly made my day!

The package came from Virginia Soaps & Scents. The Spargur Family, from Virginia, make the homemade soaps. From their website:
We are a homeschooling family with nine children living in rural Virginia. Our interest in soap making began with a history lesson and developed into an artistic passion.
My package included the following: 3 soaps [Fresh Orange - Smells fresh squeezed!, Oatmeal, Milk & Honey - A warm scent with real oatmeal, & Coconut Lemongrass - Light and tropical].
My 11-year-old, made some cute soap dishes in her art class, so I put one in bar in each downstairs bathroom and the Coconut Lemongrass by my kitchen sink. Here are some pictures of the soap after using them for approximately 3 weeks...they last! Look close and you will see the cute soap dishes that my Kate made, they are in the shape of fall leafs. So cute!

The Fresh Orange was moved to the bathtub [the girls decided this was going to be their bath bar!]. The other item I received was a shampoo bar in the Cherry Almond scent...heavenly! The shampoo bar went fast...ALL of us loved it! I have *normal* hair with a natural slight wave in the back. It gets dry in the winter, but stays pretty much normal (no oil problems) throughout the year. It worked GREAT on my hair and I did not need conditioner. It left a 'squeaky-clean' feeling. My oldest daughter has thick, long hair and she loved it as well. She tends to get oily [pre-teen] hair, so I am going to order her the Oily Hair Clarifying Formula in Tangerine Grapefruit...yummy!

I know you will LOVE these soaps as much as we have, so go take a look at all the wonderful products Virginia Soaps & Scents offer. It's time to start thinking about Christmas...

it will be here soon! LOOK at the pretty Christmas soaps...don't you love the smell of Christmas!?! And check out the gift sets available HERE. Oh, and LOOK at these extra~yummy Gourmet Soaps! Fun, useful gifts for everyone!

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