Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guardian Angel Publishing ~ TOS Review

Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. recently sent 5 Ebooks for me to review (Guardian Angel Publishing provided me with a free copy of the Ebooks to test and use in order to write this review). GAP publishes *FREE* and reasonably priced books for children ages 0~12. The books are offered in Ebook format (instant download), CD format, & print format (paperback). I will review each book individually.

No Bones About It!
This book covers the 206 bones in the body set to a catchy rhyme. I was amazed at how fast my older children learned all the bones from head to toe! The book includes interesting 'Factoids' on each page that gives more detail and information about each bone. The drawings are fun & entertaining, only one page [26] seems a bit scary (eye balls popping out and a long tongue sticking out) for little ones. For easier study, I printed the book out and put it in a notebook with page protectors. This was my 8-year-old's favorite...he loves science, especially books about the body! Ebook download is $5.00.

Andy and Spirit Go To the Fair

This is one of three books that make up the
Andy & the Albino Horse Series. Andy and Spirit Go To the Fair is an inspiring story about Andy, a boy in a wheelchair, and his horse, Spirit. Andy and Spirit have a special bond. They work together to overcome obstacles and become true heroes to each other. Three extra pages on wild horse
management and 4-H are included. Ebook download is $5.00.
A portion of the proceeds from this book are donated to Healing Reins of Bend, OR. www.healingreins.org , a non-profit organization, and Horseplay of Fernley, NV. http://downshorseplay.googlepages.com
Rainbow Sheep
Come along on a wonderful adventure with Genevieve, the shepherdess, as she cheers up the bored, lonely rainbow and causes him to cry happy tears. Much to her delight, the happy tears turn her sheep into rainbow sheep!
The author, Kim Chatel is an incredible fiber artist. The illustrations in the book are all created by Kim using only wool...it's amazing! My 10-year-old, who loves all kinds of crafts, wanted to try the needle-felting, so she is working on her own sheep (I will post a pic soon). The book includes four informational pages on needle-felting with complete instructions on how to create your own sheep. We all love this Ebook!...download is $5.00.

Maybe We Are Flamingos

When Flora and Fernando hatch from their eggs, they soon realize they are the wrong color...white, not pink! They are confused and begin to wonder if they are in fact flamingos at all. They finally gather enough courage to ask their 'mum' and learn a fascinating fact that calms their fears. This book is fun, exciting, & educational!
The Ebook download is $5.00.

I purchased the iKids Play app for my iPhone [$2.99 at iTunes App Store] and my 2 & 5-year-old both love it! It has a neat feature that allows you to record yourself reading the story...my older children love this feature! Or you can choose the 'read' option that has a person read the story. It also has a 'paint', 'rub', & 'color' feature that are very fun for your little ones.

Wow...LOTS of information in 28 pages! Engaging illustrations, interesting facts, and science experiments to try at home
(learn how to make your own seiche)....this book has it all. We all learned a lot from this book. It explores earthquakes from every angle and even has an excellent overview of geology. There is an earthquake safety page available on the website for further study. Look HERE. Love it..added to my science notebook for further study. Ebook download is $5.oo.

Overall, I enjoyed all of the books from GAP. At $5.00 an Ebook, I plan to buy other titles for my homeschool. My only complaint is that the website is not well organized and a bit confusing...some of the links do not work. It needs a new look and a site map. However, the books themselves are wonderful! I know you will want to go see the *FREE* books and browse the many books available, HERE.

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