Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our playhouse is finished!!

After lots of painting...

The hard work paid off! The house is finished and it is awesome!

We went with a 'nature' theme because we love nature study and God's creation! We found a neat picture, on clearance at Target, that has the earth on it and says, "Conserve". We found a great green rug on clearance too. And I made curtains with material [also on clearance at Target] that says, "Think Green", "I 'heart' Nature", "Trees are our friends", etc....So it's a 'Nature Hut'. :) Hard to all agree when you have a boy that wanted absolutely NO pink in the little house! Notice Katelyn & Carrie's dolls and dollhouse...the Lego's are hidden in the stools! ~ha! I cannot wait to have tea time in our little house next week! We have electricity and Katelyn put the heater out there for when it is chilly. I'm just as excited about it as the kids! Thank you sweet Hubby!

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