Friday, August 7, 2009

KAMP! `2009

Yesterday we drove up to Missouri and dropped Katelyn at Kanakuk [K-7] Kamp! It was fun and exciting...her 1st time! I love camp! I have a special place in my heart for Christian summer camps...that's where I met my hubby! During my college years, I was a camp counselor at Sky Ranch-TX [2 summers] and Greg was the sailing team captain [taught me to sail]. At Baylor, I had many friends that raved about Kanakuk and I always thought it would be neat to send my kids there 'someday'...well that day came fast and my Kate is there! I cannot believe she is 10 [almost 11]!! I'm SO excited for her...this will be an awesome-possum week! It will be a hard week for me, because I will miss her a bunch and she is my BIG helper, but she sure deserves a 'week off'! Kanakuk is an incredible place and I'm thankful we are able to send her there. The counselors are excellent, Christian young men & women that love Jesus and pour that love into the kids 24/ changing! It will be a 'spiritual growth' adventure that she will never forget!
Now for the pics...the first pic is where we first came into the camp area and there was a huge teepee with cute little wood-carved Indians...the kids were all so excited! Especially Chloe, because the little Indians were her size!

Signing Katelyn in...exciting!

All the kampers had to climb up to the top of a platform [where you state your name, where you are from, & your cabin #] then slide down the pole, into the valcano, where your counselor awaits you ~fun! Katelyn was a little nervous, but she did great!

The tee-pee...Cabin 6!

Another view of the tee-pees!

Ali [Katelyn's friend from our church] & Katelyn in the teepee!

The first pic we could find of Katelyn on the website....her crazy cabin pic!

And her and Ali on the waterslide! I think she's having fun! :)

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Renee said...

How fun!!! It reminds me of fond memories I have of going to summer camp when I was Katelyn's age. I'm sure she is having a great time!!