Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kickin' Off a New School Year!

September, already! I just cannot seem to get on top of this has truly flown by! And I know it is not going to slow down anytime soon. Fall is our busy time and it is also my favorite time of the year, so I will embrace it, grab hold, and hang on for the ride! I've always started school after Labor Day! Just seems wrong to start in August...that's still summer! I like to ease back into our schedules and make the first day extra special. This year my surprise was cinnamon rolls with each child's grade level candle on top! Absolutely hard to believe we started our 9th year! Here's the line-up... Katelyn, 8th, Cason, 5th, Carrie, 2nd, Chloe, PK [she got a 0 on her cinnamon roll and loved it!]. And Carter turned one, on September 1, so he is officially a toddler, but he's still a BABY as far as we are concerned! I also gave each child some 'new school year' presents. 

It was a JOYful morning and the kids were very surprised! 

After our celebration...the kids were ready to get started!

My 'new school year present' is my new classroom!! Have you seen it?? Go take a LOOK...I hope it inspires you!

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