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The ~Home~ Birth of Carter Pierce

Maternity pics!

A few days ago, Carter turned 6-months-old, so I needed to get his birth story posted! Time seems to stand still the last few weeks/days of your pregnancy and then once the baby is born...time flies! I'm trying to cherish these fleeting moments!
This is the story of our sweet baby Carter...In early August 2010, I wrote 'Faith or Fear' in my quiet time journal. I felt God was preparing me for something big, but I was not sure what it would be. I had been praying for many months that we would be blessed with another child. At 41-years-old, my hubby was not quite sure it was a good, safe idea. I asked God to change my husband's heart or change my desire for another child, which was very strong! I wanted God's will, no matter what. I continued to pray and He changed my husband's heart! One day, my hubby said, "we need another baby" and within a few months [December 2010] we found out we were expecting! My pregnancy was my best yet! I felt good throughout and time flew by! In April, 2011 we found out we were having a boy! Oh, JOY! We named him Carter. I like to name my children early, so I can call them by name. Early on I began to research V-BAC [vaginal birth after c-section], because I had two prior c-sections and I did NOT want another! I was determined to not be cut again! My first three were born natural [no drugs!] and vaginal and that was my preference. The more research I did, the more I realized my chances of having a V-BAC at the hospital, at least in our area, was low. And the more I read, the more I learned about the home birth option. I have many friends that have had their babies at home, so I knew all the wonderful advantages of it, but I was not sure if it was the best idea for me. I prayed, a lot, and read many articles and books. I truly felt God was leading us to this option, the words 'Faith or Fear' kept coming to my mind. OH...this is what He was preparing me for! Okay, I'll TRUST you, Lord!  After going to a OB/GYN Dr. for two visits, I found a wonderful midwife and stopped going to the Dr. I absolutely loved going to my prenatal cold office, no waiting, no rushing...Lucy (my midwife) was always ready to see me and she was in no hurry. We would sit and chat on her comfy couches and then she would feel the baby, measure me, and listen to baby's heartbeat (all done on a comfy bed). I often brought my other four children to the appointments, so they could hear the baby's heartbeat. Lucy had plastic replicas of the baby at each week, so she would let my littles hold the little baby near my tummy and we would talk about how big Carter was getting. So special!  

LOVED this pregnancy!

These appointments made me 100% sure of our decision to home birth...such a contrast from the Dr.'s office visits! It was a whole family experience...this baby was our baby and we were all preparing for his birth! Weeks continued to fly by and I made it to 39 weeks, still feeling incredible! I was not sleeping as well the last few weeks, but overall I still felt great. I was just ready to meet my baby! Every night I would go to bed thinking "Is this the night?" and I would wake that morning a little disappointed. Looking back, this was such a special time for me...I clung to Jesus, read scripture, and prayed a lot! My main verse throughout this pregnancy was Colossians 1:17 "He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together." I did not fear my uterus rupturing because I knew God would 'hold it together'. It was God's  strength that got me through the last few weeks and days of 'waiting'. Waiting on God is never easy, but His timing is always perfect! I thought Carter would be an August baby, but he was not. 

During the 'waiting' time...having fun with my other 4!

September 1st felt a little different. I knew today was going to be the day. Not because I was having any 'true' labor signs, but I just had a feeling. I did not sleep well and woke often to contractions and lots of pressure. I had a strange dream that I went to the hospital and they would not let me leave (more like a nightmare!). I called my midwife, Lucy, at 11:30am and asked if she would come check me. I just wanted to know if I was making any progress with the irregular contractions. She came over at about 12:30 and checked me. I was 1cm [sigh]. She left at about 2pm and said to get some rest because it might be a long night. I tried to nap, but I could not sleep due to excitement. At 2:30pm my contractions started to pick up again and I asked Hubby to start timing them. By 3pm they were 3 minutes apart and lasting 1 minute each! They were coming faster and stronger, so we sent Lucy a text. She said she was on her way back over. I also sent my sweet friend, [and amazing photographer], Emily, a text so she could come take photos of the birth. Once Lucy got to our house, I asked if I could get in the water (we had a birthing tub set up in our room). I was starting to hurt and wanted a little relief. She said yes, but wanted to check me one more time.  I was a 6!! Finally, progress!! I got in the water, sat down, and immediately felt relaxed. I literally felt Carter descend and it was only 15-20 minutes later when I felt the urge to push! Katelyn, my oldest daughter, came into the room to check on me and I told her to go get Lucy! Lucy came in and coached me through the pushing stage. I held tight to Greg, squeezed his hand and bit his arm with each contraction. It was not painful...just VERY intense with all the pressure. I did not feel much. The water was amazing and helped so much. Three good pushes (working with my body) and Carter was out!! His head was out and then the contractions slowed enough for me to catch my breath. With the next contraction the rest of his tiny body came out and Lucy placed him on my chest...oh, JOY! Look at this precious little thing! It was the most incredible experience of my life! Katelyn and my mom came in the room right before he was born, so they got to see it. Cason, Carrie, & Chloe came in the room right after  he was born and they were SO excited to see their new brother! What a precious moment! Emily captured it all with her amazing photos! I took a fresh, herb bath with Carter. It was so peaceful and relaxing. Carter nursed right away! I tried to soak in all the pure was quite overwhelming. While Lucy checked Carter and weighed him [8 lbs on the dot!], I took a nice shower. Then the whole family got on our big bed and stared at our newest member. I cannot with words describe the raw emotion that washed over me at that Carter was here at last. 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Brother love!
Brand new!

was just perfect. This is my sixth baby and first home birth, I wish I would have had a home birth with all of them! Until you experience it yourself, there is just no way to describe how different and how awesome it is to have your child in your own home. 

I'm thankful God allowed me to TRUST Him and to choose FAITH over FEAR! 

"O LORD, how great are Your works!" Psalm 92:5
Carter meeting his new family...BEST moment ever!
Carter Pierce is here! 

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