Friday, April 9, 2010

Artistic Pursuits ~TOS Crew Review


I LOVE art and I want my children to love it as well, so I have always tried to encourage it in my home. I have bins full of 'art supplies' and I tell my kids to create. I also display work from famous artists in our classroom, but when it comes down to 'teaching art'...I'm clueless!

So, I was beyond excited to find ARTistic Pursuits a few years ago. After looking at their website {tons of good info.} and reading several reviews {all saying great things about the program!} I bought the K-3 Book One and used it with my [then] 1st & 3rd graders. What caught my eye and caused me to buy this program, was the fact that ARTistic Pursuits combines art appreciation with art instruction...all in a fun manner that offers a variety of assignments.

The program is written by a homeschool mom, Brenda Ellis, and it is a homeschool art program that meets the specific needs of homeschoolers at home. However, it can be used by anyone!

When given the opportunity to review an art book {as a part of the TOS Review Crew} I allowed my 11-year-old daughter to make the choice between Book One & Book Two (grades 4-6). She loves to paint, so she decided to go with Book Two ~Color & Composition.

One thing I really liked about this book was the fact that my daughter could open the book and do the lesson on her own. She does one lesson a week {I put it in her workbox on Wednesday}. The picture, above, is her 'Final Project' from the 1st lesson. She is enjoying this book a lot and learning some great techniques. She is gaining confidence and it shows!

Things I love about ARTistic Pursuits:

♥ Real art lessons...not craft projects
An excellent study of art history
♥ High-quality books with excellent images
♥ Step-by-step insturctions
♥ Creates artists!

The BEST thing about this kids love it!

The price is $42.95 for the non-consumable book. It can be purchased on their website or on the CBD website {if you have other items to purchase, it may save on shipping}.

Read more reviews {other books were reviewed} HERE.

I received a free Artistic Pursuits book for the purpose of writing an honest review.

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