Friday, January 29, 2010

Christian Keyboarding

Katelyn has been asking if I would teach her to type and I had just started researching my curriculum options, when Christian Keyboarding sent me two wonderful typing programs to review...Keyboarding for the Christian School, Revised Edition and Elementary Edition both by Leanne Beitel. What perfect timing to receive these typing programs...God's timing never ceases to amaze me!

General facts on the two e-books I received:

1. Keyboarding for the Christian School is a typing curriculum for private schools and home schools designed for grades 6 and up and sells for $15.95 for a 107 page e-book. Your student can learn touch typing through typing drills, timings, letters, envelopes, APA and MLA reports, centering, proofreader’s marks, and creating tables “with a Biblical perspective.”

Lessons include:

* Lessons 1-20 Alphabetic Keys
* Lessons 21-25 Numbers and Symbol Keys
* Lessons 26-29 Number Pad
* Lesson 30 Centering
* Lesson 31 Enumerated Lists
* Lesson 32 Tab Key
* Lesson 33 MLA Reports
* Lesson 34 APA Reports
* Lesson 35 Cover Page
* Lesson 36 Works Cited
* Lesson 37 Bibliography
* Lesson 38 Personal-Business Letters
* Lesson 39 Business Letters
* Lesson 40 Envelopes
* Lesson 41 Proofreader’s Marks
* Lesson 42 Timed Writings
* Timing Scale
* Lesson 43 Tables


2. Keyboarding for the Christian School, Elementary Version download is 87 pages and is available for $12.95. This is geared towards students from grades K-5.

Lessons include:

* Touch Typing Technique
* Lessons 1‐20 Alphabetic Keys
* Lessons 21‐25 Numbers and Symbol Keys
* Lessons 26‐29 Number Pad
* Lesson 30 Centering
* Lesson 31 Enumerated Lists
* Lesson 32 Timed Writings
* Timing Scale

I decided to use the elementary edition with Katelyn, since she is in 5th grade and the lessons are geared toward the elementary level. I printed off a lesson at a time and she did one lesson per day (sometimes 2). I put each lesson in her workbox and she did it during her independent work time. She used the Studypod to hold each lesson near the computer. I also made her a 'mini-office' file that included the color-coded key chart and the touch typing techniques, both of these resources are included in the e-book.

Katelyn is zipping through the lessons! I love the practice sentences that Leanne Beitel has incorporated into this curriculum...ALL scripture! I have used the scripture for Katelyn's copywork and weekly memory verses to tie it into everything she is doing. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the program and I think the price is just right [Only $7.95 with the coupon below!]. Katelyn loves the program as well and she is happy with her new typing skills!

Visit the website for Free Sample Lessons and check out the current specials:

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