Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spring...Time To Get To Work!

Once the snow melted grass began to grow and it was easy to see the beautiful slope of our land. Our beautiful, trash-filled land. Yes, trash...LOTS of trash. The snow had hidden it all! It's hard to see in the pictures, but it was everywhere...small pieces  (hundreds of cat food pouches!) and large items like tires, TVs, and dishes!? There was once a house on the land,  but it had burned down years before. All that remains is a slab. The previous owners had a large 'dump' in their backyard.

There was also lots of scrap metal, two metal buildings that were falling apart, and an old, broken down truck. We had a local ministry come get all the metal. They came out and loaded every single bit of was fun to watch them work and unbelievable how much metal they fit on their trailer, including the truck! They use the money to fund an orphanage in South America, so it was a huge blessing to them and us. Too bad they can't turn in trash for money.

With the metal gone it was time to tackle the trash!  We made a plan and waited for the first nice weekend to go out and have a BIG clean-up day. At the time,  the kids were 12, 9, 6, & 3  [I was a few weeks pregnant with Carter]. The older two were the most help, but even the Littles were able to pick up a large amount of the trash. We worked all morning and had a picnic lunch. It was fun and felt good to see the progress.


Anne Marie said...

I am loving reading about your land adventure and can't wait to read and see more!!!

Kristi Pool said...

Thank you, Anne Marie. You're such an encouraging friend!